Monday, April 29, 2013

Rediscovering Optimism

Image by Samantha Celera
It's come in fits and starts - my optimism peeks through the dark veil of pessimism that slowly crept up and took over my sustainable thinking over the past few years.  It dawned on me as I re-read my last post that pessimism was winning - handily - creating an overwhelming sense of hopelessness at the state of the world when it comes to environmental sustainability and social justice.  The plane on which I functioned had tilted steeply to the negative...and...I concluded...once it's tilted that can be tough to bring it back.

Tough...and I am.

I paused and reflected a bit on the people and organizations I know of that are doing great things, whether building a company with a social mission or believing in their artistic pursuits and making it happen.  Taking the time to think about these positive actions re-framed my internal debate at our collective trajectory  - calling my pessimism into question - again.

Dwelling, mulling, stewing, on the negatives just sucks the energy out of anything and everything

Lesson learned - for now.  So, that means that whatever you see here going forward will be focused on solutions.

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