Tuesday, March 10, 2015

K-Cups, Nukes, AI, and...Parenting?

Yep. Parenting. It'll make sense (hopefully) in a few minutes

I posted something about K-cups and sustainability on my Facebook feed a few days ago and it sparked a lively conversation about the work Keurig/Green Mountain is doing to make the K-cups recyclable. There have been a few fairly well distributed pieces on the K-cup lately, and I felt the urge to share thoughts about whether we're moving to a place in product development ideation/creation where end-of-life disposition is tackled up front, not after the fact. These comments got me thinking about writing a blog post, which I have not done in...well...a while. Then I see the cover of the latest Economist with a feature on nuclear weapons, and I recalled a recent piece about where the bar is set for war between the USA and Russia. Well, ideas began percolating about how nuclear weapons and K-cups might be connected by some deeply seated economic/philosophical/cultural belief system, and I'd write something about it. Heck, maybe I'd bring AI into the fray, since I fried my brain on that last weekend


The reality is that the idea occurred to me sometime this morning after my 2nd cup of coffee and before my first bout of threenager negotiating and before I was even left alone for the afternoon with both kids. Oh wait! There's the magazine opened to the article just as I left it ~10 hours ago, I can still go read it and formulate a mind-blowing piece that connects it all. Umm. Not so much.

I'm tired and my brain is mush.

Now that the youngest has hit the 6-month mark, I'm a bit less anxious about every little cough and sneeze signifying an impending life-threatening disease. Wait! What?! He sneezed. Is his head still attached? OK. It is. Whew. Dodged that one! That said, the afternoon was spent wiping drool and maneuvering small child whilst keeping the oldest occupied and entertained. Yep. I resorted to some screen time - hopefully lower than what's recommended.

As I relax a bit more (there's a long way to go) I'm starting to accept at a deeper level my role as a father. "Why tam I checking my mobile device when I'm off today for child care!?" When I'm 90, will I look back and say, "what was I thinking?" or "I'm glad I made the most of my time with my kids", even when they're both crying and one just pooped through their outfit for the 2nd time.

So, K-cups, nukes, and AI can wait, I had kids to play with, and I'm tired.

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